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My name is Riana Jacobs, mother of two and wife to my amazing husband Dirk.  After 16 years of being a full- time photographer, we moved to the beach and changed our way of life.  I enjoy a wide variety of creative pastimes from photography to junk journaling.  So look around and enjoy a moment of relaxation.  My wish is only for you to be inspired to get creative, no matter your skill level. 

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we are painting Enid Sintclaire from the Wednesday Addams  series.  Or if you are not a Wednesday Addams fan then you will know her as Emma Myers.

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Welcome to my Creative Table.  Today I am painting purple poppies.  I found this gorgeous image on...


Video link https://youtu.be/-4ybALwX9xM What can I say?  Wednesday Addams is one of my all-time...

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