About the Artist

About Me and How I Design

Designing is just one of the things that I do for relaxation.

My Tools

I normally design on my iPad Pro 2018 and my most favourite app Procreate. It’s best to use the Apple Pencil (2nd generation). The Apple iPad Pro has great battery life that make it the perfect piece of designing equipment. This is an absolute winning combination. 

I do still use the good old paper and canvas with pencils and water colour paint.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from other digital designers. I follow a few on youtube, instagram, facebook and TikTok. With Pinterest filled with an abundance of good art, it might be my single most go to app on the internet. Paging through all the artists work most certainly  inspires me. 

Since I am a full time photographer running my own studio, photography is an inspiration on its own. I sometimes take photos that I took and draw over them on my iPad.