This month, Dirk is working his final month at SAPS and started on his Diploma in Social Media Marketing.  I’m currently doing a diploma course in Graphic Design and one in Photography.  And just because i’m a girl i’m doing a Beauty Course on the side.  At the moment i’m trying to build connections and learn as much as possible. I love all the Facebook Groups for woman nomads / entrepreneurs.   In the coming months we will need to focus on digital income possibilities.  The world is changing and with it comes the possibility of living a nomad life, traveling and working remotely.

Our plans change from going directly to Georgia and first setting up a base for us to travel from or first travelling to Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam and then going to Georgia.  I actually love the idea to just relaxing at first in those asian countries with great food and beautiful surroundings, before getting into a system.  I know I can build my photo library with images from Asia, maybe looking into digital props and backgrounds.

Before that we will be finishing up all financial stuff here in SA, fixing up the house to rent out, closing the Studio, settling all outstanding debt (we kept this to a minimum for years now) and just get everything done before embarking on this adventure. The studio will only be closed when all the other stuff is done and dusted.

Phillanie is doing well with her online studies.  It was a great decision and option for her.